New initiatives for cooperative implementation of environment and plan casino theatre barriere de bordeaux development objectives under mutually beneficial incentive structures should be further explored.
These initiatives should be further developed.
30/ United Nations, Treaty Series, vol.
Agenda 21, 1/ adopted at Rio de Janeiro, addresses the tan suat loto xsmb pressing environment and development problems of today and also aims at preparing the world for the challenges of the next century in order to attain the long-term goals of sustainable development.
Taking into account the Commission's francaise des jeux loto noel programme of work, this could include inputs from: (i) The scientific community and research institutions, relating to the greater understanding of the interactions between human activity and natural ecosystems and on how to manage global systems sustainably; (ii) Women, children.In this regard, innovative funding should complement official development assistance, not replace.There is an urgent need: (a) To assign high priority, in accordance with specific national needs and conditions, to the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes for integrated watershed management, including issues related to pollution and waste, the interrelationship between water and land, including.To help achieve this, it is decided to continue the intergovernmental policy dialogue on forests through the establishment of an ad hoc open-ended Intergovernmental Forum on Forests under the aegis of the Commission on Sustainable Development to work in an open, transparent and participatory manner.Proposals for the further study of the options with respect to those technologies and publicly funded research and development activities are to be welcomed.The transfer to developing countries of environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable technologies relevant to combating desertification and/or mitigating the effects of drought, with a view to contributing to the achievement of sustainable development in affected areas, should be undertaken without delay on mutually.Governments and international organizations are encouraged to implement the Global Plan of Action for the Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, adopted by the International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources held at Leipzig, Germany from 17.Young people and women around the world have played a prominent role in galvanizing communities into recognizing their responsibilities to future generations.

I, resolution 1, annex.
Future role and programme of work of the Commission on Sustainable Development 130.
To this end, inter alia, the conferences of the parties to or governing bodies of the conventions signed at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, or as a result of it, and of other relevant conventions and agreements should, if appropriate, give consideration.
International cooperation needs to be strengthened to promote the endogenous capacity of developing countries to utilize scientific and technological developments from abroad and to adapt them to local conditions.Xvii (United Nations publication, Sales.Special attention should also be given to strengthening the ability of developing countries to absorb and generate technologies.Public and private investment in science, education and training, and research and development should be increased significantly, with emphasis on the need to ensure equal access to opportunities for girls and women.Further studies should be undertaken, including studies on the design of an appropriate environment, at both the national and international levels, for facilitating foreign private investment, in particular foreign direct investment flows to developing countries, and enhancing its contribution to sustainable development.Assessment of progress achieved and exchange of experience among Governments should be promoted.Global urbanization is a cross-sectoral phenomenon that has an impact on all aspects of sustainable development.At the nineteenth special session of the United Nations General.The Secretary-General is to submit a report concerning innovative financing mechanisms to the Economic and Social Council at its substantive session of 1997.Governments should take full advantage of the challenge and opportunity presented by the International Year of the Ocean in 1998.3 (May 1991.This evidence is important for assessing environmental conditions and changes.

Non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, the scientific community and the media have increased public awareness and discussion of the relations between environment and development in all countries.