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T seff L1 1000.
In l/s m: Volume flow per unit length.
Appealing look, easy handling, superior performance in CFD assisted design using space saving plenum box with leakage class C compliant with EN 1751.
Because of their stable discharge characteristics, slot diffusers are suitable for use in systems with constant or variable volume air flows.
4 shows an example with clamping angle and threaded insert.Thank you for your recommendation!All trox catalogs and technical brochures.Installation Assembly 6 Fig.Your Message, fields marked with an are required fields.Type PKV 7 Pages, type BID 8 Pages Type QLI 8 Pages TVJ-Easy/TVT-Easy 12 Pages LVC 9 Pages RM-O-3-D 7 Pages RM-O-VS-D 7 Pages FK-EU 56 Pages EK-01 14 Pages XSA 12 Pages MSA 12 Pages schoolair-V 12 Pages schoolair-B 12 Pages FSL-B-SEK 4 Pages DID632 20 Pages DID300B 12 Pages DID312 16 Pages AGW 24 Pages AGS 24 Pages DLQ-1.4-AK 13 Pages DQ/ADQ 9 Pages.The plenum has circular side entry spigot into which can, if required, be fitted volume control damper which can be adjusted from the diffuser face.T in l/s vt eff m/s.T in m3/h: Total volume flow A in m: Spacing between two diffusers H1 in m: Distance between ceiling and occupied zone H1 max in m: Max.Aerodynamic Data ticket loto stephane bern Air discharge: horizontal one direction 8 Example Data given: VSD15 Slot length L1 1000 mm Total volume flow.Though, there is a huge evolution leap between the generations, expressed as: Versatile slot diffuser system for installation in many types of ceilings.7 The air flow rate can be adjusted from the diffuser face.

Now a generation change comes in the ADP product line Slot Diffusers, hella and hella.
Black air control blades standard.
The connecting pins (2 per section) are first inserted into one section and then pushed halfway into the other section.The visible surfaces of VSD15 are black (RAL 9005 powder coated.Catalogs trox Slot Diffuser, add to MyArchiExpo favorites, catalog excerpts.11 0 Standard finish VSD15 black RAL 9005 VSD15-Z0 E6-C-0 P1 Powder-coated to RAL 9006 (GE 30)2) other colours to RAL (GE 70)2) Note!Construction Dimensions Materials 4 Construction The diffuser is supplied with the rear-mounted plenum box, which, if required, can be fitted with internal acoustic lining.Share page, recommend this page, recommend this page by sending a link by mail.7 Nomenclature Acoustic Data Spectral Data Nomenclature.As single diffuser element or architectural system array.Add this document to collection(s you can add this document to your study collection(s).For general question regarding products or services you can also call: Tel.: 49 (0)2845 / 202-0 Fax: 49 (0)2845/202-265.9 Aerodynamic Data Air discharge: alternating, horizontal Example Data given: VSD15; air discharge horizontal, alternating Slot length L1 1000 mm Volume flow per unit length.The direction of air discharge can be adapted to the room conditions required.Penetration depth when heating L in m: Distance from diffuser L A/2 H1 or L X H1 v H1 in m/s: Time average air velocity between two diffusers at distance H1 from the ceiling v L in m/s: Time average air velocity at the wall.Your message is send and will be processed shortly.

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2 Standard installation of slot diffusers using 4 suspension brackets fitted to the plenum box.