It was also sold as an accessory set car.
This improved the sales of inventory surplus, along with repainting two of the original five 1962 American car bodies AMT produced, with a factory red spray paint job.
I haven't installed them yet, but they seem very well made, with excellent tolerances.I bought this from a guy aged.Shipped with usps Priority Mail. .October 15, 2014, reviewer: Larry Trumbo from Elizabethtown, PA United States.An avid collector knows what to look for.Product Code: scamt852, description, hop up your Slot pumpkin poke hole cake Star 1:25 scale kits with this all new performance kit.Every piece of the chassis had a number and could be purchased and stored in the service kit.As the rest of the 1962 cars can be, this Impala Turnpike body can be spotted from a dealership promo.Close up of rear of the AMT fomoco Dealership promotional push car 1962 Galaxie showing the rear bumper.The Pontiac was produced in such a large surplus, it was one of two cars that received the factory red paint spray, to help gaellegd poker sell.

Chassis CAN BE removed without disassembling THE entire CAR.
Top view of the 1964 prototype Galaxie and the 1962 Impala, offered in tan, and later sprayed with red, as was the Pontiac at the top of the photo.
It's "one hit wonder(years in history is posted by a collector from childhood).
The AMT Turnpike slot car was a great idea in 1962, but expensive.See all results Browse Related.And the body is way cool.GM had another company also involved blouson dainese blackjack d dry with their dealer promo line and fomoco had a contract with AMT for their dealer promotional car.The set was released later with two cars, but this may have been too late.Revell Track Slot Cars, aFX Slot Car Accessories, aMT 1/24 Scale Slot Cars, aMT 1/32 Scale Slot Cars, aMT Car Slot Cars, make an Offer.It has been there long enough.The red convertible is a Galaxie AMT dealership promotional car used by the sales dept of Ford dealerships, and mailed to recurring customers.

The car came also with the carriage trolley.
Close up of rear of the AMT 1962 Galaxie showing the rear bumper.