A woolen dress that is not too heavy nor yet too new, or a cotton one that is not too think, whith short, trim skirts, solid, easy shoes, that have a friendliness for the feet because of prolonged intimacy with them; pretty, but not too.
It is my feeling that if you are going to serve caviar you might as well go deeply into debt roue de fauteuil roulant electrique and have a lot of it-on ice.
Why not an epicuran picnic?
They are in block letters or black script on white paper or cards, and may be worded thus: Mrs.There was no further expense because, according to tradition, all eatables were provided by the feminine portion of the party.(For suggestions see chapter on Sandwiches.) The dessert may consist of fruit and any cake or pie that is not sticky.A course meal may be provided if desired, soup carried in a hot-cold bottle.After this guests largely entertain themselves.The following menus will show the great variety one may arrange for either of the occasions when such meals are needed:.For drinking, tea that has been made, seasoned while hot and then bottled directly, is delicious; so, also, is coffee; but both these liquids may be made fresh by the fire if one is made in gypsy fashion.Mebby you knew them as carryalls, but we called them picnic wagons, and that's what they were."If the place is large enough to afford room for games of croquett, tennis, or golf, all of these opportunties should be offered to the guests.United States, South America, and, asia.

Among the warm memories of my childhood are the beach breakfasts and picnic suppers we used to have in the West.
Some were small fmaily outings, but the memorable ones were the great repasts for 20 or more.
He can take along a small portable cooking grill that is easy to set up and use.One classic dish for a picnic is fried chicken, cooked beforehand and reheated or eaten cold."How Pyrex is Made".Heat thoroughly and pack in vacuum jars or in heavy casseroles wrapped in a thick layer of newspapers, or reheat them over the fire, rubbing the underside of the pan with soap so that it will be easier to clean after using.Several Swiss-American organizations hold annual picnics.Beach Picnic: Broiled Oysters or Clams Mariniere, French Bread, Shoestring Potatoes, Cabbage Slaw, Apple Crisp, Coffee.Cups with handles, but no saucers, are desirable for tea and e following bill of are may be selected from, with such changes as suit the locality or general surroundings.The fine line between traditional picnic (fully-prepared transported meals) and outdoor cooking (grill-ready foods) is often obscured.Or this may all be inexpensively and effectively served from the shade of the veranda.Broiled steak, canned French fried potatoes, picnic salad, soft buns spread with butter, pickles, white cake I or II with chocolate icing, salted nuts, coffee.