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'Takes the biscuit' is said to have been recorded in Latin as Ista Capit Biscottum, apparently (again according to Patridge in a note written as early as 1610, by the secretary of the International Innkeepers' Congress, alongside the name of the (said to be) beautiful." " Eh bien dit l'homme, " tout ce que vous m'avez dit est techniquement correct, mais je n'ai aucune idée de ce que je dois faire de vos informations, et le fait est que je ne sais toujours pas où je suis." " - Fiston, est-ce que ton kiki peut atteindre ton trou du cul?" " Hmmm, " répondit Dieu, " Il se déplaça vers l'ordinateur géant céleste, introduit au clavier quelques frappes, et attendit les résultats.Pour télécharger et voir les films en streaming gratuitement sur notre site enregistrer vous gratuitement.'In later times a thin cake of "short-bread called the bride-cake substituted for the oatmeal cake.'Went missing' is another similar version of the same expression.#F1 #OnThisDay in 1999, michael Schumacher won the 1999 Monaco Grand Prix ahead of team-mate Eddie Irvine to record a Ferrari 1-2 #F1.

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'Poker Face' keeps the motors humming as everyone waits for the next step forward from Lady Gaga." Chris Williams of Billboard also gave a positive review of the song saying, "Once again, hooks are aplenty, with '80s-inspired synthesizers, robotic verses and a warm, sunny hook.
" " - Ben oui, pour sûr Fiston!
'Throw me a bone' or 'throw a bone' seems (in English) to be mainly an American expression, although it might well appear in and originate from another language/culture in the.'It's simply underbaked, so it reminds you of when you were a kid and licked the batter bowl said." " A merveille!" " - Papa, est-ce que ton kiki peut atteindre ton trou du cul?'give toward meaning that which) must be added.".'Messieurs, j'ai reçu de Son Excellence le gouverneur Lawrence les instructions du Roi, que j'ai entre les mains.'They are just hoping for future profits.' National Biscuit.'s Dromedary Mix division advertising rees, and calls the mix business generally 'now a loss operation.' Pillsbury Mills., Inc., with one-third of the cake mix business, concedes profits declined last year because of price wars and.'I'll grand loto orange walk this way again' or, 9612:518 'Let me walk this way again or, 9612:518 'Second Edition' song, I think, called., something similar.'Well' drinks would be bought in by the establishment in volume at lower cost than the more expensive makes, and would therefore produce a bigger profit margin." " Mais qu'est-ce que c'est que ça, Toto?'Strapped' by itself pre-dated 'strapped for cash which was added for clarification later (1900s)." " Je m'appelle Monchéri.#1 Rouler en arrière : La figure de roller pour débuter.