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Marine Corps) A blackjack tournament strategy chart door.
Named after the mop squeezer, which resembles a Cadillac grill.
Air Force Academy) "Rag Tag Bastards any graduating class which has red as its class color.
Coast Guard Gunner's Mate.Army) Term used by a Tank Crewman to describe a dismounted infantry Soldier, derived from the sound that they make when the tank rolls over them.Example: "We have a Uniform dead ahead, someone move in and check." (U.K.) Means "Undercover usually means a camouflaged object, vehicle or person, or a covert operative behind enemy lines.Main job is to call in air strikes.Big Green Weenie (U.S.Navy) Short Little Ugly Fucker (Clean Short Little Ugly Fellow) Description and term of affection for the A-7 Corsair II attack aircraft.Gun rock (U.S.) Artillery cannon crewman, especially used by other artillerymen (e.g.Marine Corps) Marine Corps Blue Dress uniform.

(Canada) A rubberized tarp, used as a half-shelter.
During the Vietnam War was a general term for the Vietcong by shortening of "Victor Charlie." Charlie Foxtrot See clusterfuck.
Air Force) Security or MP trooper air-dale (U.K.One of the crowd was a guy named John Lytton (I think thats how his name was spelt).Marine Corps) Used in speech in place of the word "versus" or the phrase "as opposed to".Army) Group of soldiers with the rank of Specialist who are loyal to one another and stick together.(U.S geant casino peignoir Army, Maintenance) A hand pump apparatus that is used to fill motors or hubs with oil.So-called lotto italien portraitiste because of the belief that all they learn there are social graces.Navy) A spirited cry, equivalent to the.S.DNF (U.S.) Departure from Normal Flight.