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Note that currently all new American buildings get in fact 240 volts split in two 120 between neutral and hot wire.
Originally Europe was 120 V too, just like Japan and the US today.
Instead the protective safety wiring (or casing) of the incoming mains supply cable is used because that is most likely to be reliably grounded to the Earth.Learn more about standards needed for your hvac at:.Like electricity, the Cloud is the new utility hosted Citrix XenDesktop and cloud virtual desktop by m, the Second explanation is: The existence of the various standards has been largely the result of local politics and historical accident.Yes, but at 240 volts your bodys resistance will draw twice the current and that may well be over the threshold to kill you.In those countries the incoming mains supply is two hot wires supplying 240 volts balanced around Ground Potential which is always.52,931 bets, last minute bets 20 more sports, bet services.Some may argue that the US is behind or has just managed to stay afloat with this old system longer.ElectraWorks Limited has been granted a fixed-odds licence (RGL.Under 2,5, yes, no 3:30 PM 4/20 3:30 PM 4/20, over 2,5.It has been deemed necessary to increase voltage to get more power with less losses and voltage drop from the same copper wire diameter.The primary advantage of lower current is that you lose less power in the wires feeding current to the appliance (or you can use smaller, cheaper wires for the same power loss rating).The historic reason for 110 volts was due to the DC power systems created by Thomas Edison.

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Major appliances, such as virtually all drying machines and ovens, are now connected to 240 volts.
I want one myself, if francaise des jeux loto noel you can find one get it, I can't seem to find one up here.
Just remember its not the volts that kill, its the current (the amps).
Last edited by weldermyass; November 30th, 2012 at 07:39.You can see this if you look inside your breaker panel.The system of three-phase alternating current electrical generation and distribution was invented by a nineteenth century creative genius named Nicola Tesla.Under 2,5, yes, no 3:30 PM 4/20 3:30 PM 4/20 3:30 PM 4/20 3:30 PM 4/20 6:30 PM 4/20 8:30 PM 4/20 3:30 PM 4/21 6:00 PM 4/21 8:30 PM 4/22, over 2,5.In countries in Europe and elsewhere, where 230 volts is the general standard mains supply voltage for domestic houses, offices, factories, etc., they have to make sure that their wiring systems are very safe by using high quality insulation and wiring methods for all wiring.I think he chose 110 volts because that is what his light bulb worked.Vrei s fii unul dintre pariorii inteligeni care tiu s joace corect la pariuri sportive?By changing out that spring, one can use high performance Plus-P ammo, without stressing the gun.(This constitutes a dont-try-this-at-home thing, thoughits quite possible to get a fatal shock or start a fire with 110 V!) Current trends are toward the use of even lower voltages (24 V, 12 V, 5 V,.3 V) for any devices which dont draw much.051) and casino licence (RGL.Later on these systems were converted to AC so you didnt need a power plant on every corner but the voltage wasnt changed so existing lighting didnt need to be replaced (they didnt care if they got AC or DC).Jeff Quinn did a artical on the camp 9 that is informative and goes over mags and such.Distribute 240 volts to homes, apartments, shops, offices, and many other types of buildings.In terms of power production all power is the same.

Roughly speaking, to operate a particular appliance requires a particular amount of power, which (at least for resistive loads) is current times voltage.
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