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The Peregrine Falcons for which this restaurant is named obviously fall into the latter category.
Other winners include a grilled flounder with ground pork in ginger and sesame oil, and the Vietnamese skewered veal loin, served like a shish kabob with Asian spices.
And just wait till you see the funky desserts.
Look for some major renovations later this year.Bokoo Grille, Sands, replacing China Moon at the Sands is the hip and trendy new Bokoo Grille, a restaurant inspired as much by New Orleans as Bangkok, with drunken Mardi Gras swirls of purple, gold and green, glass beads hanging from the ceiling and.A great experience in a consistently excellent restaurant.Redesigns, renovations, new menus, new ideas and, above all, a new focus on quality and service.There are no star chefs yet, but some of the casinos are catching onto the idea of leasing space to restaurant developers.A new sushi bar features a good assortment of standard sushi fare, with a good variety of California-style maki rolls and perfectly fresh fish.

The food is excellent, if a little on the eclectic side.
The more adventurous need hunt only as far as the marinated fried squab with shrimp chips, delicate shark fin soup, whole sea bass steamed with ginger and scallions, abalone with Chinese black technique pour gagner loto foot 7 mushrooms and sea cucumber, or the luscious lobster vermicelli.
This is a large and elegant room, one badoo chat roulette of the finest Italian restaurants in the city, with prices to match.
The menu offers a wide selection of straightforward interpretations of Cantonese cuisine, with all the classic beef, chicken, duck and fried rice dishes.The Asian-themed entrees are wonderfully creative, and more inviting than the domestic steakhouse fare.Start with roasted red bell peppers stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto, or the fantastic roll of grilled asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced sirloin and served on a bed of field greens with a Balsamic vinaigrette.Farley Marina, with its pelicans, fishing boats and millionaire yachts.Tired old Martinos gets swept away for this creative newcomer, ostensibly Italian but daring enough to include ahi tuna and Asian ingredients.An almond-crusted grouper entree with key lime reduction and fragrant Basmati rice is a taste of the Caribbean, and the parmesan-crusted shrimp are served with white truffle risotto and plum tomatoes soaked in fruity olive oil.Specialties include a grilled filet mignon served on polenta with a wine and shallot reduction, as well as the traditional osso bucco, served on saffron risotto, and the wonderful veal chop, served Milanese style or simply grilled.Look for it to open in a couple of months, where the William Fisk seafood restaurant used.Quite simply, over the past few years, Atlantic City has undergone a drastic change in its food and beverage departments.Think of it as dinner theater with a twist.By the way, there is no salt water in salt water taffy.Le Palais, Resorts, resorts may look totally different, but Sun International was wise south point hotel casino & spa bingo las vegas strip enough to leave certain classics untouched-particularly the beautiful Le Palais, the grande dame of Atlantic Citys restaurants.