Heavy icbms shall cease to be subject to the limitations provided for in the Treaty after completion of blouson dainese blackjack d dry the procedures provided for in this Section.
It shall give notice of its decision to the other Party six months prior to withdrawal from this Treaty.
Except as provided for in this Treaty, the provisions of the start Treaty, including the verification provisions, shall be used for implementation of this Treaty.
The Parties agree that, if either Party so requests, they shall meet within the framework of the Bilateral Implementation Commission to: (a) resolve questions relating to compliance with the obligations assumed; and (b) agree upon such additional measures as may be necessary to improve the.Each nuclear weapon for which a heavy bomber is actually equipped shall count as one warhead toward the limitations provided for in Article I of this Treaty.Elimination of silo launchers of heavy icbms, including test launchers and training launchers, shall be implemented by means of either: (a) elimination in accordance with the procedures provided for in Section II of the Protocol on Procedures Governing the Conversion or Elimination of the Items.The converting Party shall have the right to carry out further conversion measures after the completion of the procedures provided for in paragraph 6 or paragraph 7 of this Section or, if such procedures are not conducted, upon expiration of 30 days after notification.Icbm launchers that have been converted to launch an icbm of a different type shall not be capable of launching an icbm of the former type.

Procedures for Elimination of Heavy icbms and Their Launch Canisters.
Data on Eliminated Heavy icbms and Converted Silo Launchers of Heavy icbms.
Each Party shall have the right to confirm that the procedures provided for in paragraph 4 of this Section have been carried out.
For each Party, the numbers of silo launchers of heavy icbms converted to silo launchers of icbms other than heavy icbms are as follows: (a) United States of America Aggregate Number of Converted Silo Launchers _ icbm Base for Silo Launchers of icbms: Name/Location icbm.Inspectors shall observe the elimination process.After the procedures provided for in this paragraph have been carried out, the process of the elimination of the missiles and their launch canisters may begin.No conversion procedures shall be required for such a heavy bomber to be specified as a heavy bomber reoriented to a conventional role.For each Party, the differences observable by national technical means of verification for heavy bombers reoriented to a conventional role that have subsequently been returned to a nuclear role are as follows: (a) United States of America Heavy Bomber Type Difference and Variant.For the purposes of attributing warheads to deployed icbms and deployed slbms under this Treaty, the Parties shall use the provisions provided for in Article III of the start Treaty, except as otherwise provided for in paragraph 2 of this Article.Additionally, pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article IV of the Treaty, for each Party the numbers of warheads attributed to deployed heavy bombers not reoriented to a conventional role as of the date of signature of the Treaty or to heavy bombers subsequently deployed are.For the purpose of such counting, nuclear weapons include long-range nuclear air-launched cruise missiles (alcms nuclear air-to-surface missiles with a range of less than 600 kilometers, and nuclear bombs.Within the limitations provided for in paragraph 3 of this Article, the aggregate numbers for each Party shall not exceed: (a) a number between 17, for warheads attributed to deployed slbms or such lower number as each Party shall decide for itself, but.After arrival of the inspection team and prior to the initiation of the elimination process, inspectors shall confirm the type and number of the missiles to be eliminated by making the observations and measurements necessary for such confirmation.

The Parties agree that, if it becomes necessary to change the categories of data contained in this Memorandum or to make other changes to this Memorandum that do not affect substantive rights or obligations under the Treaty, they shall use the Bilateral Implementation Commission.