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Please keep in mind that we at The Sushi FAQ are not nutritionists or dietitians.
Fat46g 21 / 67gleft, sodium1,320g 980 / 2,300gleft, cholesterol230g 70 / 300gleft.
Activity Needed to Burn: 320 calories 49, minutes of Cycling 32, minutes of Running.9, hours of Cleaning.
Fat21 g, saturated3 g, polyunsaturated- g, monounsaturated-.Thankfully sushi is not a particularly fattening food, and slot machine gratuit sans telechargement rapide a low calorie meal is not out of the cards if you have a craving for sushi.We hope that this information will help you make informed decisions.Iron15, percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day.Cholesterol70 mg, vitamin A8, vitamin C15, calcium6.

We have collected information on nigiri sushi (finger sushi maki sushi (rolls sashimi, side items you may find loterie borlette at a Japanese restaurant, and even items that are commonly found at grocery stores like Whole Foods.
By popular demand for a Weight Watchers PointsPlus list, we have added estimated Weight Watchers points for sushi items (usually rounded to the nearest half point) calculated from the nutritional values provided.
While the rice in sushi contains a fair amount of carbohydrates, sushi can be eaten without rice (as sashimi) and in moderation, even a standard sushi item can be a healthy treat without breaking the calorie bank.
We caution our readers that as with any hand-crafted food, a similar sushi item made by two different sushi chefs may have different proportions of ingredients, and therefore different values for calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.Japanese Green Tea and use the code faq for a 10 discount!However, the information in this section should give you a good approximation of the calorie and nutritional content of various sushi items in order to make an informed decision regarding the weight loss advantages of lean protein and sushi in general.We have simply compiled data from official slot uitboren deur sources (e.g.In this section we highlight the the calories in sushi and the nutritional values for common sushi items you will likely find in your sushi dining adventures.Trans0 g, protein19 g, sodium980 mg, potassium-.Nutritional Info, carbs14 g, dietary Fiber2 g, sugar6.Sushi Shop, sushi Shop - Salmon Poke Bowl - Salad.