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Weve met her at Cybher and shes really nice in real life!
Is there anything this multi-talented blogger cant do?
Bibas Photos, fantastic photography and super cute rabbits from 10 year old Biba.
El Jae, filled with blogging happiness.
I think were going to get along very well.Super Tom, tom is six and a half (that half is important!) who has just started blogging and is doing a fabulous job so far.Were so SEO, this is a list we first published over on Eljae it shows 10 fantastic kid bloggers we have found.PPS If you know of any more cool kid bloggers, leave a link in the comments and maybe we will do another list some time!It doesnt get much more awesome than that!We dont think.It hasnt been azur roulettes st raphael updated for a while so were hoping Amy will come back and tell us some more stories.My Life, a childs eye view of her new life in Cumbria.Its not easy moving to a new place but it looks like shes doing pretty well so far.My School Dinners, this 14 year old has moved to France and reckons her school dinners are even worse than those suffered by Never Seconds.

Its in no jeux de carte pokemon soleil et lune particular order theyre all equally brilliant.
PS If you are a kid and thinking of starting your own blog, take some inspiration from these guys and have fun!
A 9 year old girl and her mum blogging about books.A very busy girl she sings, she runs, she draws pictures of pants.Thank goodness for packed lunches.Major Love of Film, a super cute 6 year old girl blogging about films and fun.Shes got great glasses and her mum helps her with her blog so we love her extra more!Amys Special Stories, this is a daily journal from a girl who has autism.Youve heard of this one, right?So here are the brilliant kid bloggers go and visit them and give them your love.Millennium Macy, shes 12 and finds her little brother very annoying.Say it aint so!To bloggers, its the same.Here on KBC were going to be featuring lots of ace kid blogs so leave a comment if you would like to tell us about yours.Me and the Big World!Im 14 and I need help in blogging from fellow bloggers.