Two floors, two vibe, located right at the foot of the slopes, La Forge Bar et Grill offers a distinct food experience and ambiance on each of its two floors.
The only confusion was the website: It says "Brunch with a glass Mimosa but that was not the case.
Let the Bacon poutine, a poutine smothered with bacon, tempt you.
The lady behind the counter made "custom-mades" eggs and creps and was super friendly.Upstairs, in a true meat lovers paradise, visitors can try out the aged Angus beef cooked on wood charcoal and pick a bottle from the extensive wine card.A 5-star buffet, if your better half takes hours to decide what to order everytime you eat out, then the Fairmont Tremblants.Its signature surf, turf and sushi buffet is available every Saturday.Brunch Mimosa, offert les dimanches de 11 h à 14 h, duo Frédéric Lalancette, gratuit.Best calories to budget ratio, if calories do not scare you, then you will find a home.Dont forget to try the monthly beer special, a great way to discover new flavours.On the main floor, the bistro-bars warm and inviting atmosphere is the perfect setting for a comforting food fare which includes homemade pogos, duck confit wings and macncheese.A slice of the Alps, just as Quebec has poutine, La Savoie has fondue (and its many variations).Food was good, nicly arraged.

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If you are looking for a drink, head.
Encore plus de oh!
Altitude Seafood and Grill restaurant, located inside the Casino de Mont-Tremblant.
Windigo restaurant is your best option.Food lovers will rejoice when the vast choice of dishes lovingly prepared by Chef Éric Beaupré and his team are served.Or try the Cochonnaille, a chipotle pulled pork and bacon delight.In a few bites, your daily intake will be met but it is worth.To help make your choice easier, here are 5 essential restaurant visits to make while visiting the resort.It can be hard to choose between the more than 30 restaurants available in Tremblant once hunger strikes.The price for the brunch was adapted to that fact, so not a really big thing, as said, just a little bit confusing, Would go back again!(If I made mistakes in my writing, English is not my first language).For the more adventurous minded, try out the smoked crocodile poutine with green peas.La fraîcheur est à lhonneur, la mer sinvite dans votre assiette.For a memorable experience, order the half suckling pig confit, which feeds 4 adults.