I used to watch those guys skate at the Pavilion.
It shows what it takes to get concrete built.
What people are saying about Made In Venice!Made In Venice will be showing Aug 25-Sept 1 at the Laemmle Monica in Santa Monica, California.THE story OF anvil, Banksys Academy Award-nominated, exit through THE gift shop, the surprise indie hit awake: THE life OF yogananda, and the critically acclaimed documentaries particle fever and AN honest liar.Press and Social Media Coverage of Skate Asbury Fundraiser and Made In Venice Movie Screening in Asbury Park,.Asbury skatepark fundraiser event.Photo by Dan Levy Mess and Murf.Jesse Martinez met up with Jim Murf Murphy, Mike Vallely, Kristian Svitak, Russ Iglay and the Skate Asbury crew for the screening of Made In Venice.The Made in Venice movie was an amazing journey and I loved.

Made In Venice is not just a skate movie.
But over time Asbury Park declined, and by the 1980s the entertainment district had more or less disintegrated.
Skate Asburys Derek Rinaldi shows Jesse Martinez and Dan Levy of Juice Magazine the plans for the Red Bull bowl and street area to be installed at the Carousel building on the boardwalk in Asbury Park,.
Its got a great story and youll learn a lot about skateboarding.Stecyk III, Skip Engblom, Jay Adams, Jeff Ho, Aaron Murray, Scott Oster, Cesario Block Montano, Jim Muir, Tim Jackson, Ray Flores, Eddie Reategui, Eric Britton, Dave Duncan, David Hackett, Joey Tran, Pat Ngoho, Wally Hollyday, Jimbo Quaintance, Joff Drinkwater, Nathan Pratt, Solo Scott, Jamie Quaintance.Coming to theaters August 25th loto quine dans le gers from Abramorama.Photo by Dan Levy This night the Carousel was on fire again.Additional Los Angeles screenings have now been added.Photo by Dan Levy Jesse knows the pain of skateboarding, just like this grom.Lou Metal shows Mess the Metal.People dont understand what it takes to get a skatepark built and Made In Venice tells that story.The famed carousel was bought in 1990 and moved to Family Kingdom Park in Myrtle Beach,.C., where it now operates with fiberglass replicas of the original wooden horses.Photo by Dan Levy Insta-check at Pro Skateboard Shop.

#discoverLosAngeles #jerseyorbust Photo by Dan Levy Jesse Martinez has landed in Jersey.
For more information visit: m about venice beach skatepark The Venice Skatepark is a 16,000 square foot oceanfront concrete skatepark featuring a world-renowned skate plaza with two bowls, a unique old school style snake run, designed by Jesse Martinez, and a street-inspired area with stairs.