Set in a world where Naruto is born in the Beyblade universe.
But because they're fucking useless.
Pidgeotto - Level 32 - He obtained Pidgeotto a while before he got the three starters and it see's a ton of action besides battles.
He never even got all eight badges in Kanto, and despite winning the Indigo League, he never took on the Elite Four, mainly because they were a bunch of psychotic assholes, but still.Taking things even further, when Dumbledore seeks to inscription la loterie usa empower Harry through a combination of the Animagus transformation, and then taking in the primal spirit of his animal form.Just once I'd love to see one of these guys brutally murder Joffrey when nobody is watching, or tell Cersei to shut the fuck.If you don't even have the ability to accomplish this decently, then you shouldn't be posting stories at all until you.Jon convinced the people of the north to fight for him, he secured the loyalty of the wildlings and book wise even secured some of the mountain clans personally.I think it is absolutely retarded.

Jon didn't want to fight anymore, Sansa was the one that goaded him into it, manipulated him into.
Training at Oak's Ranch with Krabby and Muk.
That means Naruto can't train others to use chakra, because they don't have.Primeape Medium Fast Level 29 25,437 After winning P1 Championship In Training.Mine - One Shot/Companion piece to 'Champion Of The Orre Region'.Evolving Skills, a story that branches out during Ash's battle with Richie during the Indigo Plateau Conference.Something interesting instead of the same old bland, boring shit.Kishimoto left alot of things open about the Naruto-verse, so we don't know if he could have outsped lightning long before he met his final power-up.But other than that,.Just a normal kid and his dinosaur.Squirtle Medium Slow level 33 30,343Xp After beating 33 Exeggutor all roughly level.

He'd soon learn though, that his sworn nemesis wasn't quite done with him yet.
You think he wants to fill everybody in on how he was basically abused as a child - mentally atleast and was driven to near death on multiple occasions just to prove himself not a 'demon'.