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'It reached a point where we were practically obliged to make it, but when it began showing up in every restaurant I took it off the en there's Sarabeth Levine, the owner of Sarabeth's Kitchen, who said she was making little warm chocolate souffle cakes.'Takes the biscuit' is said to have been recorded in Latin as Ista Capit Biscottum, apparently (again according to Patridge in a note written as early as 1610, by the secretary of the International Innkeepers' Congress, alongside the name of the (said to be) beautiful.'Peach Chiffon Cake as light as a feather and filled with a smooth creamy canned cling peach filling, is festive enough for even a holiday occasion.'Il faudrait di l'huile.' - Va demander l'autorisation au contremaître à côté mon gars, fait l'intendant.

'OK' and 'okay' almost certainly had different origins, although the meanings were all similar and now have completely converged.
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'Just when we were ready to go to the plants with the cupcake, a machine which would automatically put the creme filling into Twinkies, which had been introduced in 1930, was perfected he said.'L'homme sage apprend de ses erreurs.'Scot and lot' was the full English term for this levy which applied from 12th to 18th century.'This sponge cake is not at all what I asked for: 1) I wanted it iced everywhere, both on top geant casino yvelines and underneath, with the same icing used on the little cookies; 2) I wanted it to be chocolate inside, of which it contains not the.'To call a spade a spade' can be traced back to the original Greek expression 'ta syka syka, ten skaphen de skaphen onomasein' - 'to call a fig a fig, a trough a trough' - which was a sexual allusion, in keeping with the original.'The cake is quite well known in Pennsylvania and Ohio, judging from the reader resposnses to a recent request." " Ben non, j'espère que ça va circuler!'I'll walk this way again' or, 9612:518 'Let me walk this way again or, 9612:518 'Second Edition' song, I think, called., something similar." " - n " " - voila, tu as ta réponse " Apres, le père achète un ticket de truc qu'on gratte et qu'on peutgagner des sous si on a de la chance.'Throw me a bone' or 'throw a bone' seems (in English) to be mainly an American expression, although it might well appear in and originate from another language/culture in the.'Maybe there is a surprise factor said Lois Freedman, the manager of Jo Jo, 'The description on the menu doesn't prepare people for what to expect.'More ingredients were available, and the dough was improved.'Wally' is possibly another great Cornish invention like the steam locomotive; gas lighting; the miner's safety lamp; the dynamite safety-fuse and, best of all, clotted cream." If you have other early recollections and claims regarding the origins of the wally expression - especially 1950s and.'The wholesale price jumped from 8 cents to 10 cents and the retail prices went from 10 cents to 12 cents.' Although he retired in 1972, Rice continues to work as a consultant for many companies, even outside the country." -"And By The Way.Hostess Cupcake.'Tentered' derives from the Latin 'tentus meaning stretched, which is also the origin of the word 'tent being made of stretched canvas.