how to spam poke on teamspeak 3

It just sits there waiting for clients idle time to poke bowl singapore east reach above 90 min's then it will move them to any channel you specify with the cid variable.
Attached Files, reply With", march 5th, 2016, 05:31 AM #2 can you add a loto du mercredi 17 mai 2017 command for only poke a specific server group?
Hey everyone, I updated and fixed the problem on the ntrol-Module, which I attach the update below.
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Alternatively you can create a folder in that same directory with a name of your choosing and simply place a inside.Now use /lua run mp or /lua run mm commands.Kickmsg, the message to be included with the kick of the poke-abusing user.Home, cobra, spamBlocker (poke and chat spamBlocker (poke and chat).

Login to ServerQuery send text messages to all virtual servers at once b_serverinstance_log_view, retrieve global server log b_serverinstance_log_add, write to global server log b_serverinstance_stop, shutdown the server process edit global settings edit global ServerQuery groups Edit global template groups b_virtualserver_select, select a virtual server b_virtualserver_info_view.
Small admin menu for simple task's like banning, kicking, moving, messaging etc.
Corporate, developers, download TeamSpeak 2018.
These represent the following: Variable, meaning maxpokes, this represents the max number of pokes before it is considered spam.Recmsg, the message (PM) to be sent to the user that has poked you.Set as y for yes and n for.Maxtime, the maximum time interval in seconds for spamming to be accounted for.Users Browsing this Thread, there are currently 1 users browsing this thread.

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