L1 lu(L1 l1 x_pool(L1, ksize1, 2, 2, 1, strides1, 2, 2, 1, padding'same.
for epoch in range(training_epoch avg_cost 0 total_batch int(data_size/batch_size) i huuuge casino change account 0 for j in k i i batch_size x_data xyk:i, 0:-2 y_data xyk:i, -2: c n(cost, optimizer, feed_dictX:x_data, Y:y_data, keep_prob:keep_prob_number) avg_cost c / total_batch #print result 2 # if epoch 10 0: print Epoch '04d epoch.
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Random_normal(2) logits tmul(L2_flat, W3) b ' Tensor add_1:0 shape(?, 10 dtypefloat32) ' # define cost/loss optimizer cost logitslogits, labelsY) optimizer # initialize sess ssion obal_variables_initializer count_epoch cost_value # train model print Learning started.
Discover, performance, designed to excel.Random_normal(3, 3, 16, 32, stddev0.01) # Conv - fish bowl poke (?, 4, 4, 64) # Pool - (?, 4, 4, 64).Be physical and be comfortbale.15 off for your first order!Float32) #print Accuracy n(accuracy, feed_dict # X: x_testset, Y: y_testset, keep_prob: 1) print Accuracy n(logits, feed_dict X: x_testset, Y: y_testset, keep_prob: 1) #Save model saver ver save_path ve(sess, './save/training #print Model saved in file save_path) ' #print result x prediction_t64) x shape(1,67) y y_shape(1,67) with.Random_normal(3, 3, 1, 16, stddev0.01) # Conv - (?, 7, 7, 32) # Pool - (?, 4, 4, 32).Innovation, technology and quality to feed your passion and keep you perfoming on top.X_img shape(X, -1, 7, 7, 1).Cannot retrieve contributors at this time import tensorflow as tf import numpy as np import datetime regle du razz poker time_now rftime Y-m-d H:M:S t_random_seed(777) xy v delimiter dtypenp.

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Float32) test_data v delimiter dtypenp.
Permalink, fetching contributors, cannot retrieve contributors at this time.Learn more, weekly Featured Items Man, weekly Featured Items Woman.If you have won, your prize will be sent and shown in your profile (in your account's balance section) as Real Money.Txt a as f: #.write nEpoch: d Cost: f" (epoch 1, avg_cost) print Learning finished # Test model and check accuracy #correct_prediction gmax(logits, 1 gmax(Y, 1) #accuracy st(correct_prediction,.Float32) #convolution neural network # L1 ImgIn shape(?, 7, 7, 1).By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.Float32, None, 2) keep_prob aceholder(tf.Txt a as f:.write nntestdata.write ns'str(y).write nnprediction.write ns'str(x).write nntestdata - prediction.write ns'str(y-x) ' import plot as plt ot(count_epoch, cost_value, 'g- ow).This secured servers guarantees you the highest security levels and 100 protection of your personal information.Append(epoch) # with open./save/result.Unmatched style and great design.Also, the flashy design will allow you to stand out at the club!On Court : This, lotto training t-shirt is ideal to wear during your tennis training sessions.Find Us, copyright 2019 Lotto Spa, REA TV All rights reserved.

L2 lu(L2 l2 x_pool(L2, ksize1, 2, 2, 1, strides1, 2, 2, 1, padding'same.