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A young woman puts her life at risk while traveling through a poke wrap price war zone in Africa.
Catherine Burns, Artistic Director for The Moth, New York, US catherine burns is The Moth's long time Artistic Director and a frequent host of the Peabody.
Here's to finding the beauty amongst the ashes.
The Moth Presents Ellie Lee: Lost.Jack Hitt is an award winning journalist and a contributing editor to the New York Times Magazine.Not every family is the portrait of a Norman Rockwell painting.The Moth - storytelling on radio and live events.Ellie Lee is an award-winning director, writer and.

New York High School students, and graduates of The Moth Education Program Willa Moore, Taylor Francis, Alfonso Lacayo, Nica Williams and Christian.
Jack fights a crazy super that insists he's an undercover spy.
The Moth Presents Jack Hitt: Slumlord.
The Moth: Art.08.14, on December 8, 2014, Robert Movradinov told the award-winning story live at The Moth in San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop.
The Moth Presents Hector Black: Forgiveness.She has traveled solo.Hector Black is an organic farmer who lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee.The Moth Presents: John Turturro, john Turturro has a brother with mental health issues who lives in an institution and causes his family quite a bit of grief.The most innocent memories can get tied to the hardest parts of your life.Lepheana Mosooane is a three time award winning Semi-Professional Filmmaker and.Annie Duke is a professional poker player, author and corporate coach.The Moth Storyslam is held every last Tuesday at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville.

The Moth Presents Annie Duke: A House Divided.
Tricia Rose Burt award winning story at The Moth.