Mordinov had another go, making it 28,000 this time.
The dealer didn't oblige but did put out a T instead, giving Zyrin four jacks to win.
He called but folded to a 165,000 bet on the J turn.LY 5:55pm: Standard fare Level 23 - Blinds 12,000/24,000 (ante 4,000) Two of the three outer tables got their Level 23 action under way with a button raise.A preflop raising war got the chips in the middle, Yantsevich being the player at risk with a 520,000 stack.SB Fatima Moreira De Melo Netherlands Team PokerStars Pro John Mooney UK Jason Wheeler USA Matas Cimbolas Lithuania PokerStars player Ji Zhang Germany PokerStars player Nir Levy Israel Lawrence Bayley UK PokerStars qualifier :15am: Test, test.

Michaelis then led for 175,000 on the 5 turn and was called, then went all in for 8 river and was called again.
After Valentyn Shabelnyk lotto board vacancies opened to 55,000 from the cutoff, Mitchell shipped for 377,000 from the big blind and Shabelnyk made an immediate call.
He didn't take long to pass and it sees him drop to 339,000 while Moreira De Melo ascends to just over 1 million.
Ponomarev raised his arms triumphantly.
Zyrin K4 Zhang A3 It was top pair for Zyrin versus a flush draw and an over card for Zhang as the last two cards were dealt.Czech player Michal Mrakes is having quite an end-of-year run for himself here in his home country.Shabelnyk was in the small blind and maybe shoved or called a shove with.MH 2:30pm: Who's trapping who in this bust out hand?Barriocanal took over a minute, perhaps even two, before coming up with the call, and Robinson nodded while saying "you're good in response.The river dodged them with a 4 dealt instead, and Cimbolas is up to 450,000.The board came K73QK to bust Kalev, and increase Lapore's stack to around 500,000.The German opened to 51,000 from under the gun and was three-bet to 160,000 by fellow countryman Robert Heidorn in the cutoff.