nit poker range

Nit: A poker player who uses an extremely tight machines a sous gratuites francaises tranchant strategy, who plays very few hands, and who aims to only get involved in big pots with monster hands.
I cannot stress that last point enough.
Its not a game of who can wait the longest to double up with pocket aces that flop top set?The first 10 exercises in any of these poker workbooks will help you see if thats the case.Villain had to have turned two pair and there is NO way they would be bluffing.A while back I got into a quick back-n-forth with a player who said we should fold an overpair flush draw getting 4:1 against our opponents all-in.There are other ways that nits can leave money on the table, especially when playing in private games (nobody wants to have the nit in a seat that could otherwise be filled with fresh blood) but remember, if a nit keeps folding forever and is always forced.As you can see, it's huge.If somebody who has 400 on the table goes all in, I will throw my hand away and quit the game.Nits dont get to showdown because they folded on previous streets because they didnt have the nuts.Itunes, stitcher radio, what is a Nit in Poker?For example, if I have pocket aces at 2-5 and I make.Howard Lederer : Like his Full Tilt partner in crime, Ferguson, Lederer became a multi-millionaire thanks to the site he helped found, but nonetheless played like he must have when he was basically a homeless poker player in New York during the 1980s.

Chris Ferguson : Despite allegedly playing with funds milked from poker players around the world, Ferguson has a history of refusing to straddle and play the 7-2 variant in cash games, to go along with an already nitty playing style.
We mentioned the aforementioned serial loser syndrome.
Miller drives home the need to play a wider range of hands more aggressively to avoid becoming a target of exploitation.Heck, think back to the J83 hand from a moment ago and think about how many monster combos villain could have and if you say villain could have two pair then think about all the other possible combos they are playing too.These players have a knack for sitting out once a fish leaves the table, and while it may be optimal strategy, the practice is detrimental to the health of poker and makes some of its star online grinders look a bit nitty.In fact, I didnt really realize how often I was folding until I read Ed Millers Pokers 1 and really wrapped my head around the frequency side of this game.You'll rarely - if ever - be able to determine your opponent's hand down to the very two cards he holds.Information is the Key to Hand Ranges What starts out as a hazy vision in the fog eventually becomes clearer the more information you get until you can make an educated guess as to his likely holdings.Use SplitSuit as a model.You're now left with a fairly good idea of what your opponent holds.Remember: Poker is a game of information, and we get a lot of it at showdown.You bet 25 and the first two limpers fold; the button smooth-calls. .How to Assign a Hand Range On the Flop.Being A Nit Messes Up Your Frequencies.Nits fail to think about hands in a relative sense and as such end up making huge folds because they fear monster hands that may or may not exist.Ive been in the game a long time, and Ive truly developed patience for grinding day in and day out.Because where does a lot of information happen in poker?

Online Bum Hunters: There are so many potential players that fit into this category, we are not going to try and call out names.
But also consider that when you want action, quite often, you wont get.