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C PR/First Aid/ AED Overview Training Program - 4 Hours (medic first AID basicplus) Available in Spanish Course Outline This course consists of Circles of Care Concept, setup and Barriers, Initial Assessment, Rescue Breathing, One Rescuer CPR, Airway Obstruction (Choking Control of Bleeding, Managing Shock.
Jay Jamali presented three all-day seminars.
Participants will also receive hands on instruction on tower climbing techniques, specialized tower fall protection systems and basic rescue training.This cdph-approved certification program is also for workers who do repainting or general construction on surfaces painted with lead-based paint.Review of the inventory on equipment (loto devices) associated with the Program.This program applies to elevating work platforms and vehicle mounted or self-propelled aerial devices which are used to position personnel, along with their tools and necessary materials, to work locations.Grappler Truck Operator Safety Training Program - 8-Hours Course Outline Landing Page Heavy debris and material is usually sorted using heavy equipment (e.g., bulldozers, dump trucks, grapplers) and then is sorted manually.Osha 10 hour Outreach Training Program - Construction Industry Course Outline Landing Page The osha Outreach Training Program for the Construction Industry provides training recette poke cake framboise for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces in the construction.

Hazard Communication Awareness Level Training Program - 2 Hours Course Outline Landing Page Exposure to hazardous chemicals poses serious problems for many workers.
This is not a certification course.
Mold Awareness Level Safety Training - 2-Hours Course Outline Landing Page Mold Awareness is intended to address the basic fundamental issues surrounding mold growth in buildings for facilities, maintenance, and property managers; building owners; hospital and school district risk managers; insurers; and construction project managers.
Review of fair procedures on identification of energy sources and the equipment used to isolate those sources during routine maintenance and/or major repairs.
Visual (external) inspection of Self Retracting Life Lines, and hardware are also emphasized.Inspect for proper emergency lighting.Without oxygen we would die in a matter of minutes.This program will communicate to all employees your facility's Emergency Action Plan (EAP) as well.General Work Environment: Portable Power-operated Hand Tools Equipment: Hoisting Equipment, fueling Equipment and Facilities, grandstands, Bleachers and Temporary Seating Equipment.One worker dies each day from electrical contact.

This 3-day training includes the First Responder Operations Level and I-100 csti courses.