The ghost is believed to be Julia.
Tools were found missing from the locked tool room, trashcans and other large objects thrown across room, doors (w/ hydraulics to keep from loud slamming) were slammed shut, and random cold spots throughout the room.
The Castle was originally an 1860's rock farmhouse that was purchased in the 1920's by the Whitings.While all the friends were talking a couple of girls walked off on their own.El Paso - Fort Bliss - Building #4 - #4 is a story of an old Military Medical Center that has been condemned for a decade or yways there has been hauntings there ever since a medic was let down for "accidentally" killing a soldier.Fort Worth - Scott Theatre - A young actor, Ken Yandell apparently hanged himself from a pipe in the basement of this theater.The hairs start standing up on the back of your neck and you casino drive tassin la demi lune get the feeling as if someone is either watching you are is right behind you, but no matter how much you search around the room you can find no trace of anything.Galveston - The Hotel Galvez sizzling hot tenant fucks her landlord at rental showing - It's on Seawall Blvd.Big Spring - Runnells Junior High School - You can see what appears to be a little girl walking the halls through the windows.Bryan - College Station - Plantation House - Doors slammed shut in the middle of the night to trap a feral dog that was wandering through the rooms where my family slept.

Cameron - Brownsville - Perkins Middle School - the lockers in the girls locker room open by themselves.
Some say it is the spirit of a young girl that went crazy by playing the Ouija board and hung herself.
The Indians burned their wagons, stole their horses, and killed all the women and children.Right now there is a fence around the property, and the road has been lowered, but you can still see.Many report that when they turned off the bathroom lights, and chanted "La Llorona" (bloody mary) 40 times, she would appear, my sister and many students were witnesses of seeing a girl praying to Satan, to a tree, and then rolling her eyes 'till they.The saying is that a girl and guy coming back from the prom ran out of gas on that bridge the guy went to get some gas the closest gas station was 20 miles away later the girl herd a nock on the door when.He was hung in the tree in the early 1800's for killing a sheriff's deputy.Many have gone into this establishment and have had their own personal experiences such as being watched, seeing shadows, and smelling sterilization solutions in certain spots.You can hear the hoof beats of Calvary soldiers, and just general conversation, but never really understanding the words just recognizing the human voices.Some of them were so terrified; they refused to go up there.After extensive renovations and the addition of the round crenulated front wing and the rear tower the rambling mansion took on the look of a castle.

Brownsville - Farm Road 511 - Farm road 511 is a fairly well traveled road, but it has been reported, in the local newspaper and other media, that if you travel these roads late at night People have encountered what are known as "ghost cows".
Bandera Pass is some Hills that separate Kerr County and Bandera County.
When at the school late at night you can hear desks moving, lockers shutting, and footsteps in the halls.