To avoid this keep the band within the sound box area.
This band can remain on the reed for the duration of its life.
Das Werkzeug wird mit einer Aufbewahrungshülle ausgeliefert.
Maintain this pressure at pirts slotas all times or an unsteady bagpipe will result.
It will bring your reeds back to life and it tirage du loto du 1 février 2014 will save you hundreds of dollars that you'd otherwise spend on new reeds.The Tone Protectors two-way humidity control will keep your reeds in perfect condition regardless of the weather or climate.You use it to save your pipe chanter reed when it starts to get too easy, chirps, squeals, or starts to sound sharp and thin.A small adjustment (we're talking 1/1000ths of an inch) to the metal staple inside the reed can bring a reed back to life, extending the playable life of the reed and giving you a brighter, crisper, stronger, more stable sound.Be careful though as too much will cause a very thin sound to the top hand notes.3) The reed sunk too far in the reed seat lift the reed a little.2) The bottom of the staple touching the side of the reed seat wall, ensure that this has a wrap of hemp around.Wie es funktuniert (in English).Two or three wraps of the band around the sound box will ease a reed considerably; it will also lift the pitch.

Fine Tuning, you can achieve fine-tuning of the chanter with the use of tape applied across the top of the open hole of the note that is sharp.
Be aware that if placing the band too high it will muffle the reed too much.
One of the best-kept secrets of top pipers is the specialized tool called a reed poker.This undercutting should be left in the hands of an experienced player or manufacturer.Learn more about the Tone Protector for Drones and order yours today!Notes that are persistently flat with a variety of reeds should be undercut.Most top pipers I know have a poker that they made themselves, through hours of trial and error on a grinding wheel.More tape covering the hole flatter note.Every reed is different and requires slightly different pressures to obtain optimum sound, learn to get the best from a reed by learning to blow the pressure that suits.The only way to do this is to open up a reed from the inside with a reed poker.Die zweckgeformte Werkzeugspitze ermöglicht eine sehr präzise Bearbeitung des Reed-Metallrohres.Flat C and/or Double Toning.If the response is good, (a slight tightness is desirable for stability) then you can ease it slightly by removing small amounts off the shoulders just above the staple.See the guide to taping and undercutting for further information. Please select your shipping option from the pull down menu and then click the Buy Now button.