The only knock against him is that Community Day Salamence is almost as good.
However, if you're a committed raider you should be focusing on the getting the best specimens of the best Pokemon loto 6 36 up to the maximum level.
If you have a couple of each of these guys at 40, you will be one of the players everyone else in your community relies on in raid battles.
In most cases, The difference in a fight as a result of IVs will be imperceptible.Extra damage also matters for raid completion when you're trying to short-man a raid, or when the other players you're raiding with are place du casino deauville using suboptimal lineups.Kyogre: The best water type forever.Best counter for his raid is Mamoswine, which you should not need to use rare candy to power.To level all the way to 40 requires 248 candy, as well as 225,000 dust.Breakpoints are different casino roulette wheel john huxley for each fight, because they're dependent on the target's defense stat, and they also change depending on whether you're raiding with a friend and the weather.Only 9 of those combinations total 96 IVs or higher or 1 in 21 raid catches.Only 4 combinations total 98 IVs or higher or 1.But these are rare, and this game rounds to the nearest whole number, so in most cases, quick attacks from a 10 ATK IV will do the same amount of damage as quick attacks from a Pokemon with a 15 ATK.Level 30 Kyogre is outperformed by level 40 Gyarados and level 40 Hydro Cannon Feraligatr.Now, you can get two and sometimes three pumps off, and the uptime of a Kyogre is going to be 40-50 seconds.

The best legendary Pokemon are better than their non-legendary counterparts mostly because they have insane stats compared to comparable non-legendary Pokemon.
But a max-level, high IV Raikou is still significantly better than an underleveled, random one.
Inferior Pokemon - those who aren't the strongest dealers of their type of damage, those who aren't at the highest level, and those without high IVs, are serviceable in many contexts.Levels are significant, it is important to reiterate that nothing makes as big a difference as using the right Pokemon.Raikou: Electric is good against Flying and Water, so Raikou is a top counter for Kyogre, Articuno and Lugia.So there are different scenarios where you might hit one, and hitting a quick move breakpoint will materially impact your performance.So having 2 level 40 Kyogres and a couple of level 40 Gyarados or Feraligatr is probably going to result in higher DPS over the entirety of even a longer fight now than you'd get from 6 level 30 Kyogres.If you are resource limited, you will want to allocate your rare candy to these guys, and use your premium raid passes to do more of them when they are available.A 0/0/0 level 20 Thunder Shock/Wild Charge Electivire deals more than double the damage to a water-type than you'll get from a level 40 15/15/15 Iron Tail/Heavy Slam Aggron.But there are some contexts where performance matters.However, now that dodging works in raids, your best counters can have significantly more uptime.

Focus on the most relevant Pokemon.
If all your Pokemon have 15 ATK IVs and all of somebody else's have 12, you'll do about 30 damage more over the course of a fight where you use ten charge moves.
The advantage may be slight, but it exists, and there may be some edge cases where it matters.