In my case its north towards my highway, meaning my industry/dirty polluting things will be at the top.
It may be good to plop down a casino, and turn it off until you enough funding to keep it running.
This is one aspect, in additon to crime (see below) that can make this type of specialisation a poor choice for multiplayer games. Since Update 8, hotels only pop up in areas that are near tourist attractions.Hotels, resorts and suites can be helpful if rooms at your casinos are filled.Second, look at the direction of the wind. If you see that they are stuck, exit your city and reopen.Putting down a casino first and then your first police station later on is a bad idea, it is much better to place the casino after you have already developed good police coverage in the area (lots of blue on your crime data map).Crime Casinos and tourist attractions draw criminals to your city, so its best to be prepared for the soon-to-come wave of crime.Poor commercial demand in the region loto des clés en maternelle will mean poor commercial demand in your city, which is bad news for tourism.This is very important Buses, basically any service or building that is going to bring traffic or depend on getting out to do their job.

The region will supply inter-city buses that bring tourists from dp poker lucu the region or other cities with a bus terminal.
Crime, once it takes hold, tends to get exponentially worse (well, not quite, but it can certainly seem like it).
The Maglev system tends to get clogged up and the trains will stop moving.Wait for a while, see if it continues to make money, if it does, expand it, then wait a while and perhaps think about where you might put a second one (not next door).You want to keep traffic flowing in and out your city and zones near the entrance will add more cars to the road.Shut down your casinos, make some changes to your city and try again, as soon as you start making positive changes, find good locations, fix 'background' problems etc, your casino business will start working again.The airport can have up to 4 runways, so make sure you give it room to expand.I have been seeing recommendations that park-n-rides are better than Bus stops because of limiting cars vs just transporting walking people.Cities will see fluctuations for a variety of reasons.Tourists don't like traffic jams and will walk a shorter distance than normal residents (only 200 meters, rather than 400).If either is high, it will cause Commuters in and Commuters out, which can add extra burden on your traffic system and bring any city to its knees.As I mentioned in the first section of this article, mass transit not only works within cities, but also to connect cities.Youll want to keep your commercial zoning near your casinos and tourist attractions. Lowers land value in the vicinity, but futurises as well.Youre going to want to find a plot that offers as much real estate as possible to offer attractions, services, and homes for your Sims.

For more information: Another somewhat obvious, but also rather basic aspect of a successful gambling city, is that it's very easy to get caught up in worry about casinos losing money, or trying to keep up with the crime, whilst forgetting about everything else.
To prevent traffic jams and keep streets moving, youre going to have to offer your tourists a mix of mass transit options.
It takes time for your city to draw tourists and gamblers, so dont expect to drop a casino and start raking in profits immediately.