The image has gone directly into the frame.
These included:.25 ins.25 ins and.5 ins.25 ins Here is a camera introduced in 1895 that was designed to work with either film or slide.
You can then choose a frame of your liking from the available list, and add both the frame and mount (and backing mount if you wish) to your basket all in one.
Continental sizes.5 x 6.5 x 9 cm 9 x 12 cm 12.5 cm 13 x 18 cm 18 x 24 cm 24 x 30 cm 30 x 40 cm 40 x 50 cm Common stereoscopic sizes.5.7.
Each exposure was 8 x 10 mm with 15 exposures on a disc.The 7 perforations format gave horizontal images around 24 x 30 mm with each stereo pair separated by one frame.Carleton Watkins had a camera specially made to take 18 x 22 ins plates. .As the spools were behind the film plane this saved the film from making a tight S curve when winding on and off the spools.If (for example) you have two prints both of which are the same size, and you would like one of them mounted inside a frame, and one of them straight into a frame with no mount then the overall size of the frames will be different.1930 1 x x 3 6 x 9 cm 8 Top Original format 2 x 2 6 x 6 cm 12 Centre 2 x 1 6 x 4 cm 16 Bottom 116 2 x 4 8 Bottom Original format 2 x 2 12 Centre.

Perhaps somebody will provide a link to a site that gives this information. .
C.1950s Post Cards An international postcard craze developed following the Paris Exhibition in 1889.
This would provide a larger external (or wall space) measurement than simply 'your print the width of the frame around your print'.These are all close to 13x18 (or 5" x 7" in imperial) - within 2 or 3 mm in every case.The idea was re-introduced as the Agfa Rapid cassette (1964) with the addition of a key on the side of the cassette indicating the film speed, this could be 'read' by the camera to set the metering system.Jump to: 1) Standard Metric 'A' picture frame sizes loto max 26 05 2017 conversions 2) Standard Metric 'CM' picture frame sizes conversions 3) Standard Imperial 'Inch' picture frame sizes conversions Standard Metric 'A' picture frame sizes We've added the table and diagram below to help you visualise the proportions.110 Cartridge The 110 cartridge was introduced by Kodak in 1972 along with a compatible range of cameras aimed at the lower end of the market.There were two numbering systems used on Ensign film, those shown in the left column are the earlier, the second system was used from the early 1920s and following the Houghton-Butcher merger.'A' frame/paper sizes and conversions.4 x 4 inch loto leclerc saint dizier Paper size in CM:.16.16 cm Paper size in MM: 101.6 x 101.6 mm 4 x 6 inch Paper size in CM :.16.24 cm Paper size in MM : 101.6 x 152.4 mm 5 x 5 inch Paper size.A narrow metal core was used on some spools,.g.The Ensign Cupid, 1922, was probably the first camera to use the 'double window' arrangement for doubling the number of exposures on a roll.Roddy Simpson from mid- 1860s This size was referred to as 'very long cabinet style photographs' in Marcel Safier's comments about photograph albums from 1890s Minette Minettes were photos about.5 ins.5 ins mounted on cards.625 ins x 3 ins.This is essentially the 'third option' but still a very popular one with our customers.Sizes of Photographs, enlargements were not a feature of early photographic processes. .Photograph albums were usually designed so that these sizes of photo could be slotted into them.The standard frame size, for still cameras, was 24 x 36 mm (image plus inter-frame gap equalled 8 perforations 24 x 18 mm became known as half-frame and 24 x 24 mm was also used.

Film Pack Sizes Size Kodak Premo Agfa Selo Dufaycolor 1 x.5 x x 7 13 x x.5 x x x 3 6 x x x.5.