Since then, 21 other EuroMillions Superdraws have taken place.
The first such SuperDraw took place in February 2007, when the jackpot was a guaranteed 130,000,000 (100,000,000)!
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Rather, it is an arrangement between 13 individual nationally-licensed lottery draws across Europe.But a further 20 or so jackpots of 100,000,000 (86,000,000) or more have also been won over the years.Date of the next EuroMillions Superdraw: June 5, 2019, estimated Jackpot: 130 million, play Now.It is an expensive mistake.EuroMillions rules and regulations before you place your bets and check our.There were 1,597,592 Winners in this draw!The jackpot was increased to a huge 105 million.Online Lottery play has rocketed in the last few years as it is safe and convenient.The maximum jackpot was then increased to its current max cap of 190 million.

EuroMillions is one of the biggest lottery draws in the world, being played across 13 European countries UK, France (including overseas territories Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Monaco, Isle of Man, Andorra and Liechtenstein.
Italys SuperEna Lotto and Spains El Gordo may also feature big jackpots, but these big top prizes are few and far between, and, unlike those for EuroMillions, are not offered every week, EuroMillions at a Glance.
Friday Lucky Star 11 Lucky Star Jackpot 17,000,000 It's a Rollover Tuesday Lucky Star 7 Lucky Star Jackpot 44,153,561 Jackpot Won!
How often is the EuroMillions Superdraw?Be sure to familiarise yourself with the.The EuroMillions Jackpot, euroMillions boasts a massive 17,000,000 (14,630,000) starting jackpot that is capable of rolling over and climbing to the jackpot cap, which currently stands at a massive 190,000,000 (163,000,000)!However, it was another decade before the dream of a European lottery draw came to fruition.Since then there have been a dozen or more EuroMillions SuperDraws, the biggest guaranteed jackpots weighing in at 130,000,000.It was finally won by a single Portuguese player, with that feat repeated once poker star android dinheiro real again in 2017 when a Spanish ticket holder won the maximum 190 million place du casino 98000 monaco monaco prize.This amount has since been won twice.The largest starting prize was worth around 130 million (112 million at the time).EuroMillions Jackpots, euroMillions currently has a minimum jackpot of approximately 15 million and a maximum jackpot capped at 190 million, making EuroMillions by far the largest lottery prize in Europe.Euromillions history, euroMillions History, euroMillions was founded in 2004 by the national lottery operators of Britain, France and Spain.EuroMillion Lottery Online using recommended lottery ticket services.

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