However, in the Appalachian region, the term was reinterpreted to mean the opposite: disinclined to work or lazy.
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According to the OED, the origin of Lawrence meaning lazy might simply come from the alliteration of the two words.Watch and Learn, nearby Translations.This Coconut Cream Pie, poke, cake waikiki beach poke bowl is also a offre d'emploi geant casino pessac great way for a non pie lover to enjoy.A poke-easy is a, south Midland term that means a slow or lazy person or animal, or someone whos easygoing.A" from Cape Cod, Massachusetts: He aint got no more sprawl to him n day-old kitten!I cant appeared years earlier.So many possibilities in terms of coconut.Found in Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, variations include slowcome-pokum and slocum-pocum.Sozzle To sozzle means to laze around or perform a task in a sloppy way.

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Molowa, in Hawaii and pretending to be sick to get out of work?
Pokum comes from poke, meaning to dawdle.
Therefore, those without sprawl or who are sprawlless are lazy.An 1821 letter attributes to Shivas third eye the power to see past, present, and future.He lacks energy and is shiftless and lethargic.Serve immediately or cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.Bottom chairs In Maine its said that someone who bottoms chairs for a living is lazy, presumably because ones bottom is perpetually in the chair.Coconut Cream Pie, poke cake is a traditional cake topped with my favorite old fashioned coconut cream pie filling, whipped cream and toasted coconut.