Massage it into the meat, and make sure every bit of it has cure.
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Since this is what is called an equalization cure, you can safely cure your duck breasts for a week without worrying that they will get too salty.
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I prefer to achieve this through proper humidity control.Yes, you need.Hang on a rack so it does not touch anything else for at least 2 weeks and up to two months; more if you are experienced.A lot of people will tell you to rinse off every smidge of cure, but I don't like this - I like the few remaining bits of thyme here or there.Why bother with a long hang time?You will see I have a very spare cure for my duck prosciutto.It is where you should start if you are a beginner.Non-hunters, buy breasts from Muscovy or moulard ducks, or use goose breasts.Whatever that weighs, measure out 2 of that weight in kosher or pickling salt, as well.3 - that's three-tenths of a percent -.The more you eat cured meats, the more you crave that flavor.Cure in the fridge for 3 days to a week.The Sun Will Not Wait at Honor Fraser Los Angeles 2019.We need to verify your mobile phone number.

White mold is good, black mold means you need to toss the meat.
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